"We met a number of players in the space and found that PRP's style and acumen was truly unique. They are not simply providing cost savings, they are giving our portfolio companies incredible insight into their procurement process, a process that most companies do not have the resources or ability to manage properly. At the conclusion of PRP's process, its clients are given the ability to choose among a menu of options; one option always includes their current vendors. This approach was very important to us, given the decisions and vendor relationships that can be somewhat sensitive at certain portfolio companies."

Adam Weinstein
Director and Controller
New Mountain Capital

Adam Weinstein

Why Profit Recovery Partners?

Why Profit Recovery Partners

Profit Recovery Partners is a professional services firm that develops, implements and manages cost-reduction solutions for FORTUNE 1000 companies, law firms, private equity firms and private companies throughout North America. Our spend management, supplier management and procurement strategies have resulted in more than $3.8 billion in client savings. Here is how we accomplish it:

  • Industry Expertise. PRP employs a full-time staff of 80 professionals with relevant expertise and backgrounds. PRP has delivered value to more than 1,800 client engagements, totaling more than $3.8 billion in client savings.
  • Managed Spend. We use more than $2.4 billion of annual managed spend to entice vendors to provide our clients with the best pricing possible. All negotiated contracts are in our clients’ names, and all of our clients have complete freedom to choose vendors. Our purchasing power derives from the hundreds of contacts that cross our desk weekly. In turn, vendors we work with seek to provide our clients with the most favorable terms and highest quality service.
  • Change Management.
    Although vendor leverage is the key component to achieving the most aggressive vendor pricing and terms, PRP recommendations also may include options for change. Our Strategy Development, Solutions Management and Industry Expertise teams collaborate with clients to implement change custom to each engagement.
  • Business Intelligence/Reporting Tools. At PRP, we leverage our expertise with technology to transform your spend data into actionable information. We provide valuable insights into your business processes and operations, which is necessary to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. PRP’s data warehousing and analytical tools provide real business intelligence.
  • Ongoing Support and Verification. Our Solutions Management team is the ongoing support arm of our company. PRP is responsible for ensuring the savings achieved during the initial review are maintained, while assisting in controlling future expenses throughout the agreement term. The Solutions Management team is available at all times during the engagement and will report at least quarterly on key metrics and value-add opportunities. Our Solutions Management team becomes an extension of your team.

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