"I highly recommend the services of Profit Recovery Partners to any company looking to cut costs. The savings and support provided by PRP have been above and beyond our initial expectations. My hesitation about working with outside consultants of any type has been that it often takes more of my already limited time than expected. Exactly the opposite has been true of PRP!"

Gillian K. Turner
Director of Finance
Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP

Gillian K. Turner


Retailers today have their eye on margin more so than ever before. With razor-thin opportunities to assuage consumer confidence, retailers must act like a gymnast moving, spinning and flying effortlessly over the parallel bars. Like our retailers, the gymnast knows a tenth of a point can make the difference between winning and losing.

At Profit Recovery Partners, we pay attention to the details. We find what others so often miss. Our team of professionals can lead you to further savings, and greater success. In particular, retailers count on PRP to help increase profitability and reduce costs. And we do. Here are some of the ways the retail market is changing, and how PRP is addressing these changes:

Industry Challenge PRP Solution
New store openings and expansions are expected to be slow. With tough competition, pricing pressure from customers and discounters, how will you expand profits? PRP helps our retail clients increase profitability through expense reduction and management solutions. To date, we have saved our clients more than $3.8 billion because of our industry expertise, $2.4 billion in purchasing leverage and expense management support program.
Retailers worry they will fail to execute business strategy properly, citing this concern as one of the top 10 risks of 2012, according to a BDO USA study. PRP experts handle the analysis, strategy, negotiation, implementation and management of key back-office expenses so retailers can focus on growing sales. We compare benchmark pricing to determine the competitiveness of current pricing then use our expertise and leverage to negotiate favorable rates, contract terms and conditions for you.
Clients continue to focus on value purchases, and discounters have fared well. Retailers have continued expansion in online sales to attract these value shoppers. Retailers turn to PRP because we can help offset decreases in revenue. PRP delivers not only a cost-savings analysis but also insight into your procurement processes and visibility into your operational spend, which ensures long-term sustained savings that can help make up for leaner revenue.
Due to the explosion of eCommerce, retailers are grappling with increased logistics, shipping fees and online security issues. In addition, shipping vendors are raising fuel costs, which further drives up costs. PRP has extensive expertise in logistics, which ensures that retailers not only receive best-in-class pricing but also implement best practices and process to ensure maximum efficiency.

In this competitive environment, retailers turn to PRP because they profit from our eight areas of expertise. You focus on selling while PRP focuses on savings. Charting the scoreboard, our Logistics Services, Information Technology and Personnel Services experts deliver precisely what they need.


  • In-depth Industry Expertise – Gained from working in your vendors industries and from more than 1,800 engagements.
  • Purchasing Leverage – Take advantage of our annual managed spend of more than $2.4 billion to gain competitive pricing, the highest possible service levels and favorable contract terms.
  • Continuing Support and Verification – Our exclusive Solutions Management Team manages savings results, vendor compliance and internal compliance to ensure maximum savings are realized and future costs do not increase. Visibility is gained through custom dashboards and line-item reporting.

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