"PRP has delivered on everything they said they would. It is a true partnership and they have integrated so well with our sourcing teams that we view them as an extension of our company. They've exceeded my own initial expectations."

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

Private Equity

Portfolio managers at private equity firms consider PRP to be part of their teams because of our proven go-to capabilities to expand thinly stretched management teams, capital and resources. PRP works with private equity firms, treating their portfolio companies like our own tightly held investments, to produce uncommon results.

How we accomplish these results also is uncommon. At PRP, we’ve got your blind side covered. Our industry-driven experience has taught us where to look and how to excel. We are your best defense when it comes to saving money and seizing opportunities before they are missed. Because of our industry expertise, we spot the trends shaping the private equity landscape and work with you through various scenarios, including:

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Industry Challenge PRP Solution
Private equity firms no longer can rely on leverage or multiple expansion alone to drive higher valuations. Today, it is more critical than ever to grow revenue and manage expense more effectively. PRP’s Private Equity experts are laser-focused on indirect and administrative expense management leading to measurable EBITDA increases.
Private equity firms have a distinct advantage within the supplier community. Private equity firms control multiple portfolio companies, which means an opportunity to leverage larger supplier spend across their portfolio. PRP’s Private Equity experts have years of experience negotiating with vendors to ensure world class pricing, terms/service level agreements (SLAs) and portability — translating to lower costs and higher enterprise value.
Private equity firms want to minimize their risk of investing scarce working capital into any potential value creation initiative. However, hiring outside consultants and advisors often requires an up-front investment in the form of project or hourly fees. PRP’s has a business model that ensures you do not pay any fees until tangible, sustainable cost savings has been delivered.

Clients tell us PRP gives them insight into their procurement processes, which most private equity firms do not have the time or ability to manage. We work with individual portfolio companies to drive significant EBITDA improvements for company-specific spend. We help enable these improvements by collaborating and supporting portfolio executives. You’ll find our private equity offerings include custom strategic sourcing, cross-portfolio spend analysis and management as well as acquisition integration. In addition, you gain the market-leading benefits of working with PRP, including:

  • Private Equity Industry Expertise – PRP’s strategic approach to expense management combines superior knowledge of the challenges of portfolio management to improve EBITDA.
  • Power of Collective Spend – Private equity firms tap into PRP’s annual managed spend of more than $2.4 billion.
  • Continual Support and Verification – Our exclusive Solutions Management Team manages savings results, vendor compliance and internal compliance to ensure maximum savings are realized and future costs do not increase. Visibility is gained through custom dashboards and line-item reporting.

Bring PRP on to your portfolio today. Contact us for a risk-free assessment.

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