"We initially hired PRP in 2001 and we continue to retain them today. From a financial perspective, we have benefited greatly from PRP's ability to negotiate pricing levels that we would not have qualified for on our own. Even after the initial savings review was complete, when new products or services are needed, PRP negotiates on our behalf to get us a better deal at no additional charge. As a result, not only have our current costs gone down significantly, but PRP ensures that future costs do not escalate." Gillian K. Turner Director of Finance Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP

Gillian K. Turner


Manufacturing executives count on Profit Recovery Partners to help them increase profit and reduce cost. And we deliver. In this environment, resources are focused on sourcing direct expense items. They turn to PRP because they benefit from expense area knowledge across our eight areas of expertise. Like the manufacturers we serve who are committed to excellence, our results are sustained by managing vendor compliance, active contract management and future cost containment.

We understand your environment, which has been affected by:

Industry Challenge PRP Solution
Changing cost in goods reduces margin. Manufacturers are being squeezed by an overall increase in raw materials, which makes it costlier to produce goods. Despite this, buyers are increasingly price-sensitive. To combat, PRP can offset reduced margin by creating savings among administrative areas. Results are sustained by managing vendor compliance, active contract management and future cost containment.
According to The National Association of Manufacturers/Industry Week survey of 312 manufacturers, conducted during the third quarter of 2011, 71.4 percent cited “controlling and reducing costs” as their top “challenge.” For 15 years across 1,800 client engagements, PRP has delivered and sustained $3.8 billion in cost savings.
The vast majority of spend for a manufacturer is raw materials and energy, both of which demand the attention and focus of senior procurement management. So “indirect spend” (general and administrative expenses) often are not prioritized relative to direct expenses. PRP can become an extension of your corporate procurement. Although smaller compared to direct expenses, G&A expenses can add up. We can help you manage these costs more efficiently to drive cost savings.
Temporary staffing creates fluctuating costs. Manufacturers often have the need for temporary or seasonal employees. We can reduce these costs through our Personnel Services experts and manage costs for temporary staffing, background screening and payroll.
The cost for shipping goods has increased. This creates reduced profit across entire organizations, and manufacturers need to make it up somewhere else. In support of manufacturing executives, our Logistics and Transportation Services experts delivers precisely what you need for cost containment. Our deft handling of small parcel, courier and freight shipping can streamline your operations and uncover hidden costs, which translate into unrealized profit.


  • In-depth Industry Expertise – Gained from working in your vendors industries and from more than 1,800 engagements.
  • Purchasing Leverage – Take advantage of our annual managed spend of more than $2.4 billion to gain competitive pricing, the highest possible service levels and favorable contract terms.
  • Continuing Support and Verification – Our exclusive Solutions Management Team manages savings results, vendor compliance and internal compliance to ensure maximum savings are realized and future costs do not increase. Visibility is gained through custom dashboards and line-item reporting.

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