"Part of our decision to retain PRP was because of the value provided by the support team. They conduct periodic audits to ensure we are being billed correctly and look for anything that appears out of line. Any time there is a vendor billing discrepancy or service issue, PRP deals directly with the vendors for prompt resolution of the problem."

Gillian K. Turner
Director of Finance
Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP

Gillian K. Turner


Competition in the legal industry has intensified as alternative legal service providers continue to expand their presence in the marketplace. As firms shift to commoditized work and alternative fee arrangements, they face declining realization rates and tightening of profit margins. Profit Recovery Partners is able to help law firms mitigate these challenges through back-office expense reduction programs that include vendor pricing negotiations on your behalf, and ongoing savings verification.

Industry Challenge PRP Solution
“…clients have assumed control of all the fundamental decisions about how legal services are delivered and have insisted on increased efficiency, predictability, and cost effectiveness in the delivery of the services they purchase.”
2015 Report on the State of the Legal Market
PRP applies processes developed through more than 1,800 client engagements to optimize back-office administrative expenses that result in hard dollar savings. Specifically, PRP conducts:

  • cost-recovery modeling to ensure maximum pass-through on research costs
  • a full assessment of R&I content to ensure attorneys are accessing information efficiently
The proliferation of new non-traditional service providers has been quite dramatic over the past few years. The trend responds to increased client demands for efficiency and cost effectiveness in the delivery of legal services and reflects the growing willingness of clients to disaggregate services among a variety of different firms and providers.
2015 Report on the State of the Legal Market
PRP’s industry experts have insider insight into market trends across a wide-range of vendors to provide best-fit options for you.
Firms are likely to manage down their occupancy expenses through relocating or refurbishing offices.
2015 Client Advisory, Citi
Our solutions are tailored to each client. You are supported each step of the way to retain your hard-earned profits with our ability to minimize vendor price increases during transition periods.
“Given the amount of pricing pressure facing the industry, successful firms have become increasingly focused not just on revenue growth, but margin growth.”2015 Client Advisory, Citi PRP’s best-in-class benchmark pricing keeps your vendor rates in check. In addition, our compliance and quarterly reviews ensure that unauthorized price increases, erroneous billing and overcharges don’t erode your profit margins.

In true partnership, PRP provides law firms with unbiased, expert solutions that guarantee lasting cost savings to meet your firm’s specific needs. Services you will benefit from include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Vendor contract terms that protect you
  • Alternative resource options
  • Spend visibility/transparency
  • Detailed usage reviews and verification
  • Long-term expense management

In reducing costs for law firm clients, PRP specializes in the areas of research & information services, law libraries, facilities management/support services, document management, information technology, and more.


  • Apply legal industry expertise — PRP’s unique approach to expense management combines superior knowledge of the legal industry vendor cost structures.
  • Strengthen purchasing leverage — With an annual managed spend of more than $2.4 billion, PRP benefits law firms with best-in-class vendor pricing, high service levels and favorable contract terms.
  • Offer ongoing support and verification — Our exclusive Solutions Management Team manages savings results, vendor compliance and internal compliance to ensure maximum savings are realized and future costs do not increase. Visibility is gained through custom dashboards and line-item reporting.


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