"When we initially began the process of selecting a partner, we looked at a number of firms offering substantially the same service. What we found was that we liked the focus that PRP had in the area of expense management as well as their financial alignment on the desired outcome – tangible, measurable results. We have been very happy and pleased with the process, professionalism and savings from the various engagements we have undertaken with PRP."

Bill Tomai
Centre Partners

Bill Tomai

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Exceeding Expectations

Before any win, every athlete invests in strategic planning and training, all guided by a coach.

Coaches share their experiences and well-honed abilities to bring out the best in their athletes, driving their success. Ultimately, the success of their athletes is their own success.

So it is with Profit Recovery Partners.

We are here to lead your company to victory.

We are results-driven. Your success is our success.

To reduce your current indirect administrative and other “back-office” operational expenses, PRP offers a strategic plan with clear actionable steps. We work with a wide range of industries throughout North America, including private companies, Fortune 1000, law firms and private equity. Learn more about our industries served:

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