"We initially hired PRP in 2001 and we continue to retain them today. From a financial perspective, we have benefited greatly from PRP's ability to negotiate pricing levels that we would not have qualified for on our own. Even after the initial savings review was complete, when new products or services are needed, PRP negotiates on our behalf to get us a better deal at no additional charge. As a result, not only have our current costs gone down significantly, but PRP ensures that future costs do not escalate." Gillian K. Turner Director of Finance Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP

Gillian K. Turner


The health of healthcare itself is up for debate. From national and state healthcare reform debates to individual healthcare systems’ on deck for improvement, this industry is undergoing game-changing transformation. We help you navigate the realities of this new economy, including:

Industry Challenge PRP Solution
Government reforms are driving more consumers into the healthcare system. In advance, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to streamline costs. PRP operates with flexibility and transparency to understand each individual expense and create solutions that can be measured and verified.
Many medical systems are focused on growth yet with revenue and charitable contributions down, competition for patient census is fierce. Medical staff, marketing resources and other cost centers have been trimmed as a result, making growth more challenging. PRP can free financial resources that healthcare organizations can use to grow demand. Our contributions often help fund growth initiatives through savings deliverables.
Healthcare organizations are steeped in regulation and complexities, often creating cultures slow to change. PRP can relate savings to organizational initiatives to help internal stakeholders understand the value of each savings activity in terms they can understand and adopt readily.
Healthcare organizations employe limited staff loaded with multiple responsibilities, making it challenging to prioritize general and administrative (G&A) expense reduction projects. Greater emphasis is placed on direct spend expenses, most notably medical spend. PRP reviews a wide range of G&A spends within your organization to maximize savings. PRP healthcare clients benefit from expense area expertise across eight industry areas. This allows your purchasing teams to focus on medical equipment and supplies expenses.

Healthcare players turn to PRP because we yield returns from our expense area knowledge across eight areas of expertise. Like a sharp line drive, PRP can cut through the clutter to achieve cost savings in the areas most relevant for healthcare, such as document management, office products and personnel services. Healthcare executives choose PRP to benefit from our:

  • In-Depth Industry Expertise – Gained from working in your vendors industries and from more than 1,800 engagements.
  • Purchasing Leverage – Take advantage of our annual managed spend of more than $2.4 billion to gain competitive pricing, the highest possible service levels and favorable contract terms.
  • Continuing Support and Verification – Our exclusive Solutions Management Team manages savings results, vendor compliance and internal compliance to ensure maximum savings are realized and future costs do not increase. Visibility is gained through custom dashboards and line-item reporting.

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