"We are very cost conscious and are always looking for ways to lower our cost structure. Although we are a $330 million company, our purchasing staff is very small and focused primarily around IT needs. PRP is available when we need them. As an outsourced expert on a wide variety of purchasing opportunities, they represent a variable cost to us that will consistently provide the lowest cost alternative on a variety of services such as office supplies, overnight mail, copiers, telephones, IT purchases etc,. In addition, they regularly provide status reports that monitor how well our vendors are complying with the terms of the agreement."

Barry Edwards
Former Executive Vice President and CFO

Barry Edwards

Our Approach


Do you know if your vendors are serving you at the highest quality and best rate?

If you’re not 100% confident, turn to Profit Recovery Partners for risk-free insight.

PRP specializes in the development, implementation and management of administrative expense reduction solutions. To date, PRP has completed more than 1,800 client engagements, which have resulted in more than $3.8 billion in client savings for companies all across North America.

We step in, finding you the essential capital to help your company do what it does best. We can either be the starter on your team or we can step in as needed to boost the team to a win. Adaptable and dependable, we’re able to play multiple positions, and always anticipating what’s next — like the presence of a sixth man in basketball. We are a team, able to save you money, not simply from one area but across the board.

To learn if PRP can save you money, PRP will conduct a no-risk Comprehensive Review™ . Here’s where we conduct a savings analysis, vendor contract observations, labor resource assessment and review the competitive landscape. We will show you target benchmarking and the savings opportunity of working together.

We designed and honed our approach for serving clients to ensure sustainable results. Throughout our pre-engagement process, most clients find that PRP delivers not only a cost-savings analysis but also insight into their procurement processes and visibility into their operational spend, which ensures long-term sustained savings.

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