PRP Executive Forum 2019: The Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect: What is it, and What Does it Mean to Your Industry?

At first it was buying books without a bookstore—a minimally controversial development at first (unless you’re a bookstore owner). How about legal services online? This is becoming more common, but can you talk to a lawyer this way? Maybe. How about a real estate agent? You can get that online too. This trend has become a concern for many industries who still see their services as requiring a “human touch”. This panel tackled how to cope with the changes and thrive in an environment of cutthroat competition with Amazon or Netflix-like disruptors.

Panelists included:

  • Lance Solomon – Executive Vice President of Operations of Promethean World
  • Chase Cabanillas – Chief Information Officer of FlexPrint Inc.
  • Andy Watts – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Brown & Brown

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