Webinar: Security on the Super Highway: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment & Compliance

On Wednesday, March 14, PRP hosted the next installment of its quarterly webinar series on cybersecurity and cyber risk, in partnership with the McDermott & Bull Executive Network. The webinar, entitled “Security on the Superhighway: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment & Compliance”, was moderated by PRP’s veteran Managing Consultant Bob Pierson.

Highground Cyber President Ken M. Barnhart joined Bob for a lively and fast-paced conversation on cyber risk in a business world constantly at war with black hat hackers, where the bad guys outnumber the good guys and the good guys are too often ill equipped to succeed. Ken shared his insights on cyber risk assessment and management to a diverse audience, informed by tens of thousands of consulting hours in designing and hosting secure cyber environments for hundreds of organizations. He also discussed how his service in the Marine Corps informs his philosophy on cyber security and cyber risk.

Webinar Description

With high-profile breach after breach, the business world has been talking for years about how to secure sensitive data and protect their networks from bad actors. Increasingly, a strong commitment to data protection is not simply an internal policy, but a prerequisite to earning new business. This moderated discussion on cybersecurity risk assessment will explore the public sphere’s changing expectations of data security & privacy, and what modern companies must do to keep up with them.


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