2017 Executive Forum Featured Panel: Marketing Metrics for C-Suite Leaders

No topic is more subjective and yet seen as more crucial than effective marketing in today’s world of social selling, SEO, and cable-cutting. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Salesforce, and a myriad other tools are changing how companies present themselves and their products & services, and utilizing these tools effectively is crucial to mature business’ credibility and continuing profitability in an increasingly social media-driven economic landscape. Yet, given all of the new technologies and platforms out there for companies to utilize, many mature businesses find themselves at a loss on where to begin, as well as how to measure the success of their marketing campaigns.

During this featured panel on marketing metrics, PRP Managing Consultant Bob Pierson will speak with a group of marketing experts on how mature businesses can take advantage of marketing tools both new and old to bring visibility to their firms and achieve competitive differentiation. The panelists will also speak on how they measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for their clients, in order to ensure a return on their clients’ investments.

This panel will feature the following speakers:

  • Andy Mindlin, President, REALWORLD Marketing
  • Jason Lavin, Founder & CEO, GoldenComm
  • Shaun Parvin, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Rhythm Agency

For more information about this year’s planned events, please keep checking back at our Events page, and our 2017 Executive Forum main site.

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