2017 Executive Forum Featured Panel: Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing or offshoring business processes is inherently a balancing act. As many large companies will attest, the drive to defend and increase your company’s bottom line must go hand in hand with the necessity of maintaining service levels that your company needs to achieve its mission-critical objectives. This seeming dilemma begs the question: what does a successful outsourcing or offshoring project look like? How can success be measured?

At this year’s exciting panel on the subject, our moderator Bob Pierson will speak with our panelists about strategies and best practices for outsourcing non-core functions that worked for their companies. They’ll also discuss the challenges that frequently arise when implementing an outsourcing project, and how to successfully avoid them. Key questions that will be discussed include the following:

  • How do companies decide whether outsourcing or offshoring is a good fit for them, and what functions should be outsourced?
  • What is the cultural impact of outsourcing/offshoring projects on employees and end users?
  • How can quality be tracked and maintained on an ongoing basis?

For this panel, PRP will be joined by the following subject matter experts:

  • Rob Burton, CFO, Sherman & Howard LLC
  • Mark Loman, VP & Corporate Controller, OSI Systems, Inc.
  • Lisa Dady, President, DTI Global
  • Neeti Dewan, Principal & Global Practice Leader, Tax Compliance; Ryan, LLC

For more information about this year’s planned events, please keep checking back at our Events page, and our 2017 Executive Forum main site.


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