2017 Executive Forum Featured Panel: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has long been at the top of our clients’ minds as a critical threat facing their businesses today. The recent Equifax breach, which is estimated to impact over 143 million Americans, is only the most recent entry in a long list of high-profile victims of cybersecurity breaches. Even worse, many of these breaches result from “zero-day” vulnerabilities that are impossible to anticipate and plan for. Then, as was the case with the recent Equifax hack and many others in recent memory, the breaches are not discovered until months after they already occurred and the damage had already been done. Given these circumstances, how can businesses protect themselves and their customers in a climate where catastrophe can strike at any given moment?

At this year’s Cybersecurity Panel during PRP’s Executive Forum, we will be talking about cybersecurity solutions: about how how to proactively drive cybersecurity policy to both prevent breaches before they occur and minimize collateral damage if disaster strikes. Joined by our moderator Bill Fowler, our panel of CIOs will discuss their policies, perspectives and investments in BC/DR, knowledge management, (KM) and information security so that their firms are not in tomorrow’s headlines.

Confirmed panelists for this event include:

  • Bryan Ackerman, CIO, Korn Ferry International
  • Judi Flounoy, CIO, Kelly Drye & Warren LLP
  • Ray Ann Cacheria, CIO, Ryan LLC

This list will be updated as more panelists are confirmed. For more information about this year’s planned events, please keep checking back at our Events page, and our 2017 Executive Forum main site.


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