2017 Executive Forum Keynote Speaker: Ed Viesturs, High-Altitude Mountaineer

Ed Viesturs

PRP is pleased to present our first keynote speaker for the 2017 Executive Forum speaker series: Ed Viesturs!

Ed Viesturs is widely regarded as America’s foremost high-altitude mountaineer. He has ascended all of the world’s highest peaks without the aid of supplemental oxygen. Viesturs is also a recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorer’s Club for his achievements in mountaineering, and an American Alpine Club Sowles Award for his participation in two rescues on K2, the second highest mountain in the world.

Viesturs regularly gives talks to businesses around the country about risk management, a key factor of his success as a mountaineer. He has also written two books about the subject: the New York Times bestseller No Shortcuts to the Top and K-2: Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountains. In his talks, Viesturs emphasizes the importance of planning, teamwork, and patience to succeed–both on the world’s highest mountain peaks, and in the business world below.

Ed will be speaking to attendees at this year’s Executive Forum on Thursday, November 2, 2017. For more information about this year’s planned events, please keep checking back at our Events page, and our 2017 Executive Forum main site. For more information about Ed Viesturs, please visit

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