2017 Executive Forum Keynote Speaker: Dan Quiggle, Founder & CEO of The Quiggle Group

Dan Quiggle

It’s no secret–PRP is a big fan of entrepreneurial success stories. We believe in the value of the lessons that entrepreneurs can teach us, and the critical skills all working professionals need to build brands from their big ideas. The author and public speaker Dan Quiggle knows this well, as the founder of 5 different entrepreneurial enterprises in the course of his career. Quiggle too learned from the best, when he started his career as an aide in Ronald Reagan’s post-presidential office. As a result of his experiences, Quiggle has made it his life’s mission to share with emerging leaders around the world the lessons he’s learned from the former leader of the free world.

Dan Quiggle spreads his message through a variety of channels. Through his professional coaching firm The Quiggle Group, Quiggle travels around the country giving keynote talks and coaching sessions, connecting directly with business leaders in companies both large and small. He is also the Dean of Faculty for the Leadership Institute, where he speaks on public policy and activism. In 2014, Quiggle published the book Lead Like Reagan: Strategies to Motivate, Communicate, and Inspire, where he writes about how to build a culture of motivation, trust, and inspiration in your workplace. Finally, in his podcast Garage to Goliath: Leaders Building Legacies, Quiggle shares the stories of “unsung leadership, business, and entrepreneurial heroes.”

PRP is proud to host Dan Quiggle for a special keynote speech on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at our annual Executive Forum. Quiggle will be speaking to attendees about how to lead by the example of America’s greatest public figures, and how emotional intelligence and effective communication is the key to the success of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Dan Quiggle, please visit For more information about this year’s planned events, please keep checking back at our Events page, and our 2017 Executive Forum main site.

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