"We met a number of players in the space and found that PRP's style and acumen was truly unique. They are not simply providing cost savings, they are giving our portfolio companies incredible insight into their procurement process, a process that most companies do not have the resources or ability to manage properly. At the conclusion of PRP's process, its clients are given the ability to choose among a menu of options; one option always includes their current vendors. This approach was very important to us, given the decisions and vendor relationships that can be somewhat sensitive at certain portfolio companies."

Adam Weinstein
Director and Controller
New Mountain Capital

Adam Weinstein

Corporate Social Responsibility

PRP’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was founded in January 2016 by founder and PRP staff member Matthew Parks with the purpose to create a positive impact in the firm’s surrounding community. The Committee’s mission is to provide employees a chance to give back to their community in ways most meaningful and rewarding to them. In fulfilling its objective, PRP’s CSR team hosts a different volunteering event each quarter for PRP employees, such as volunteering at local non-profits and organizing fundraisers and walk-a-thons for a cause.

In its first two months, the CSR team has implemented a “Casual for a Cause” program within the PRP offices, and has held its first volunteer event at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana. The “Casual for a Cause” program has the potential to provide up to $500,000 in cash and in-kind donations over the next three years, impacting both local and global communities. As part of the program, participating employees donate money to one of five charities such as the Council on Aging or, and in return are allowed to dress casually on Fridays. For the first volunteer event with the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana, PRP had over 25 volunteers from its staff participate in mentoring over 100 local children. For future events, the CSR Committee will continually solicit the input of PRP staff members from both within and outside the Committee to organize volunteering initiatives that are the most personal, meaningful, and impactful to them.

PRP looks forward to the positive impact this program will have in the years to come. In the past, various staff members at PRP have organized and participated in informal volunteering and donation initiatives, such as the local Salvation Army’s “Angel Tree” program during the December holiday season, as well as employee events such as potlucks that engender a sense of comradery and community among PRP staff beyond their compulsory relationship to each other as fellow employees. In its objective to organize initiatives that both foster employee comradery and give back to the surrounding community, the CSR Committee hopes that its initiatives will inspire PRP employees and their families to make giving back not only a habit, but a source of continual joy and fulfillment in life, both within and outside the office.

Past Events

PRP Boys and Girls Club Mentor Day

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Cans for a Cause

Supporting Refugee Youth Programs


Our Impact

  • Cure Duchenne
    • Over $4,000 towards scientific developments in Duchenne muscular dystrophy research.
  • Council on Aging
    • Ensure that older adults and individuals with disabilities will continue to receive the assistance they need and deserve.
    • 19,791 trees planted.
  • No Kid Hungry
    • 42,053 meals provided to under privileged children.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana
    • $38,090 dollars of positive economic impact produced in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club.

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