"We met a number of players in the space and found that PRP's style and acumen was truly unique. They are not simply providing cost savings, they are giving our portfolio companies incredible insight into their procurement process, a process that most companies do not have the resources or ability to manage properly. At the conclusion of PRP's process, its clients are given the ability to choose among a menu of options; one option always includes their current vendors. This approach was very important to us, given the decisions and vendor relationships that can be somewhat sensitive at certain portfolio companies."

Adam Weinstein
Director and Controller
New Mountain Capital

Adam Weinstein

Cans for a Cause!



Cans for a Cause: Profit Recovery Partners, LLC Conducts Food Drive for the Holidays

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee’s continuing commitment to its goals to host quarterly charitable activities, Profit Recovery Partners, LLC (PRP) concluded its first annual holiday food drive in conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank last week. Almost half of the firm joined the drive, harvesting for the food bank various canned food items and essential toiletries for Orange County’s neediest families.

Members of the CSR Committee encouraged employees to increase their potential donations by holding a company-wide competition, dividing food drive participants into teams and keeping score of each team’s contributions. In doing so, the CSR Committee collected a total of 1,650 food items, which assisted in providing meals to the 335,000 people in Orange County that are at risk of hunger every day.

CSR Committee spokesperson Melissa Montgomery said on the success of the food drive: “I was pleasantly surprised at how big a success our First Annual Food Drive was! The drive brought out everyone’s competitive nature. It was apparent that the participants had a lot of fun upping one another with donations to fuel the competition.”

Some of the other charitable events conducted this quarter at PRP in conjunction with the CSR Committee-sponsored events include PRP’s annual “Angel Tags” gift-giving program, which has been a holiday tradition at PRP for the last eleven years. The event, which is held in partnership with the SmileMakers Guild of the Council on Aging and Pathways Community Services in Orange County, seeks to bring the holiday spirit to Orange County seniors and children without family or friends to enjoy the holidays with. Participants in the “Angel Tags” drive bring to work various gifts that are requested by the drive’s benefactors.

The CSR Committee looks forward to continue its momentum in making a lasting positive impact on the greater community by encouraging PRP staff to make giving back not only a habit, but a source of lasting joy and personal fulfillment.

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