2017 Executive Forum Plenary Panel: Driving Agility, Execution, and Entrepreneurial Innovation in Mature Businesses

Despite the ever-changing nature of the challenges facing businesses today, some discussions always remain relevant. For the last several years at PRP’s Executive Forum, panel discussions about a variety of topics, from workforce management to building top-line revenue, often boil down to a singular issue. That is: how do mature businesses stay competitive in an

Surviving Disruptive Innovation

There’s a new menace at your doorstep. You can’t see it just yet, but you know it’s there. There it hides, in the shadows of the marketplace, eating away at your market share bite by bite. But when the shadow is finally cast away, it’s too late: the foundation of your enterprise, once singular and


In the wake of high-profile cyberattacks on large multinational corporations such as Sony, Target, and Home Depot, business leaders are more aware than ever of the importance of cybersecurity in the infrastructures of their businesses. At PRP’s 2015 executive forum, we hosted information technology experts within PRP and its client base for a panel discussion

The Art of Talent Management

Whether your company produces widgets, writes patent applications to protect those widgets, or invests capital to bring those widgets to market, your success is dependent upon one highly variable competitive advantage: talent. At PRP’s 2015 executive forum, we invited thought leaders to share with attendees their best practices for attracting, training retaining top talent. David

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