PRP Executive Forum 2019: Your Two Cents

Your Two Cents! For the first time, PRP asked our attendees for their two cents on top business challenges for organizations today. Topics raised included hiring practices in the age of social media, adopting AI and automation to drive organizational innovation and efficiency, and determining the right level of investment in human capital at a

PRP Executive Forum 2019: The Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect: What is it, and What Does it Mean to Your Industry? At first it was buying books without a bookstore—a minimally controversial development at first (unless you’re a bookstore owner). How about legal services online? This is becoming more common, but can you talk to a lawyer this way? Maybe. How about

PRP Executive Forum 2019: Building Social Capital

Building Social and Intellectual Capital for Bottom Line Results Company culture is trending news in all industries. It can make or break a company’s public reputation, as well as a company’s bottom line. Many studies have shown that a strong, positive company culture produces beneficial financial results. This panel’s experts shared experiences of culture wins

PRP Executive Forum 2019: Succession Planning

Succession Planning for Today’s Leaders An organization’s top executives is one of the few variables over which the C-suite and director boards have total control—and their failure to plan for CEO and C-level transitions has a high cost. How can we approach these changes more effectively and efficiently? This panel explores the studies and expert

PRP Executive Forum 2019: Information Overload

Cutting Through the Noise: Communicating Clearly in the Age of Information Overload In a Web-fueled environment flooded with all kinds of information both good and bad, business leaders of today are challenged with how to find the right content that informs key business decisions and siphon out what’s irrelevant. Key topics included how to effectively

PRP Executive Forum 2019: Plenary Panel

This year our Plenary Panel tackled how disruptive technologies and business models are challenging businesses today. Topics discussed included the evolution of leadership styles and business strategies in constantly changing organizational environments, and how to prepare and move through organizational change while keeping true to your company’s core business model. Our panelists included: Sonia Menon

PRP Exective Forum 2019: Driving Organizational Excellence in Disruptive Environments

Every year, PRP hosts Executive Forums that provide educational and motivating experiences for clients and colleagues alike. Though our wide array of panels and keynote talks, attending executives come out of the Forum armed with the knowledge to stay competitive in the constantly evolving business landscape that defines our generation. This year’s event took place

2019 Executive Forum

2019 PRP Executive Forum: Driving Organizational Excellence in Disruptive Environments February 22, 2019 On February 22, 2019, Profit Recovery Partners will host our 2019 Executive Forum: Driving Organizational Excellence in Disruptive Environments in the best destination resort the Los Angeles metro area has to offer. The forum will feature a series of panels led by

Diversity Webinar: October 3, 2018

Profit Recovery Partners, LLC and McDermott & Bull Executive Network is proud to present Exploring Diversity & Inclusion from a Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Perspective.  This webinar took place on October 3, 2018 from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PDT.  Moderated by PRP’s Sarah Chintawat, Vice President of Human Resources panelists included: • Sonia Menon, Chief Operating

PRP’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Reaches New Milestones

COSTA MESA, Calif., July 2, 2018 — Profit Recovery Partners, LLC (PRP) announced that its Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has raised $175,000 for 9 charities from January 2017 to January 2018, a new fundraising milestone for the company. The total includes contributions from PRP employees as part of the company’s Casual for a Cause program.

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